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paint protection film or ceramic coating what should you choose

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Paint Protection Film: An Overview

Paint Protection Film is different from Ceramic Coating. PPF is a wondrous thermoplastic polyurethane film that safeguards your vehicle from scratches. Like rock chips, brought about by fine garbage, soil, stones, bird droppings, leaves, or bug splatters. It is light, straightforward, and effectively pliant. Which is wonderful on the grounds that PPFs will safeguard your vehicle without removing its general feel and display area finish!

Some PPFs accompany a delicate recuperating coat, which enables them to self-mend, either quickly, or when intensity is applied. Great Paint Protection Films are impervious to water spots, mineral imprints from downpours, oxidation from UV beams, and synthetic stains.

Ceramic Coatings: An Overview

Unlike paint protection film, Coming Ceramic Coatings are fluid polymers. When applied over your vehicle’s outside, bond with its manufacturing plant paint, to frame a semi-super durable layer. Clay Coatings with a higher level of high-grade SiO2 like Crystal Shield fired coatings will add a glossier completion to your vehicle.

That implies that most fluids will struggle with adhering to your vehicle, which makes it simpler to wash off smirches and other undesirable imprints. It likewise offers improved compound opposition and UV assurance.

Contrasts Between Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film

Both Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Coatings endeavor to hold your vehicle’s fuel, by securing and safeguarding its outside paint. Notwithstanding their fundamental objective, these “undetectable” items have a few comparable highlights. Like decreasing oxidation harm from UV openness, hydrophobicity, and shielding the vehicle from acidic pollutants. So where do the distinctions lie?

Level of Protection

Influence Resistance: Paint Protection Films are thicker than Ceramic Coatings, which gives them a higher effect opposition, against flying flotsam and jetsam like rocks, leaves, and bugs. Some PPFs likewise have a synthetic piece that permits them to self-mend and returns to their unique structure in the wake of getting a scraped spot, scratch, or space. So in the event that scratch security is no joking matter for you, there is nothing similar to PPF on the lookout.

Hydrophobicity: This is a region where Ceramic Coatings rule. Ceramic Coatings repulse water, which makes it simpler to clean your vehicle in a jiffy since your vehicle won’t get as messy in any case! A Ceramic Coating, then again, resembles a sunscreen for your vehicle, which safeguards its paint from blurring because of oxidation. It, in this manner, offers improved UV security, guaranteeing your vehicle stays dynamic.


Solidness is a significant thought when contrasting Ceramic Coating versus PPF. A great PPF produced using aliphatic TPU like Aegis PPF will offer 7-10 years of insurance! Obviously, it must be expertly applied flawlessly and routinely kept up with.

Then again, Ceramic Coating will offer 2-5 years of security, contingent upon the hardness you pick. A 10H Ceramic Coating, which is as of now the most incredible on the lookout, will handily keep going for a considerable length of time on the off chance that the application is done appropriately, and normal upkeep is finished with great quality vehicle shampoos.

The Gloss Factor

Both these paint insurance choices safeguard the first paint of your vehicle and assist with holding its brilliance. Nonetheless, Ceramic Coatings add additional smoothness and sparkle to your vehicle, for a smooth sparkle. PPFs additionally add sparkle, particularly ones like Aegis SPX which accompany a Gloss Enhancing Top Coat. In any case, nothing beats the gleam and sparkle a decent Ceramic Coating gives.


The expense of both Ceramic Coatings and Paint Protection Films relies upon their quality and the size of your vehicle. Earthenware Coatings cost between Rs 15,000 to Rs 45,000, contingent upon the grade and strength of the covering you pick.

The expense of Paint Protection Films lies between Rs. 1,00,000 – 1,50,000 and differs relying upon the nature of PPF and the region of your vehicle to be covered.

Ceramic Coating Vs. PPF: The Verdict

Going with the last choice whether to introduce a Ceramic Coating or PPF, eventually relies upon three central points – your necessities, how long you intend to keep the vehicle, and your financial plan. If you have any desire to improve the sparkle and smoothness of your vehicle and wash your vehicle rapidly and all the more effectively, you might need to pick a Ceramic Coating over Paint Protection Film.

Coming to the following component, in the event that you’re a recycled vehicle proprietor, or change your vehicle as often as possible (since come on, the most recent vehicles are powerful to you), then, at that point, it very well might be smarter to pick a Ceramic Coating over Paint Protection Film, as it will cost you less yet give you ideal security however long you own the vehicle.

Obviously, your financial plan assumes a significant part in settling the Ceramic Coating Vs. PPF banter to you. PPFs cost significantly more than Ceramic Coatings, as currently examined. Contingent upon the spending plan you have as a top priority, and the model of your vehicle you can choose either a Ceramic Coating or a PPF, from various fantastic bundles accessible at your closest CarzSpa itemizing studio!

The Best in Class Solution: Ceramic Coating over PPF

Clay Coatings and Paint Protection Films are positively a unique couple when joined – hydrophobicity, influence opposition, UV insurance, and an improved look.

So in the event that you are searching for the very best in class security, we suggest finishing a Ceramic Coating over a PPF. Indeed, it will be more costly. However, hello on the off chance that you own an extravagance vehicle and plan to keep it safeguarded and sparkling constantly, you can’t beat this.

The Best of Both Worlds: Coverage Options

In the event that scratch security is critical to you yet doesn’t have any desire to consume your pocket, there is an elective arrangement. It is Coverage Options.

PPFs can be applied to the weakest bits of your vehicle that will be presented to scratches from street garbage like stone chips. These regions incorporate the front guard, bumpers, bonnet, and side mirrors. When these effect vulnerable regions have been safeguarded with PPF, your entire vehicle can be then covered with Ceramic Coating.

Assuming you are as yet befuddled on what level of security to get, simply reach out to your closest CarzSpa studio and we will assist you with picking the best insurance choices in view of YOUR NEED.

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