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Llumar PPF Applied on Sports Car

Valor PPF

Get the sought-after benefits of premium PPF and easy-wash ceramic coating with 2-in-1 Valor, featuring our OEM-trusted Tetrashield™ technology.

✔️  Super hydrophobic surface with deep gloss

✔️  Stands up to corrosives like bird droppings

Platinum Gloss PPF

A favorite of auto enthusiasts and purists; helps your vehicle retain its value by defending the finish.

✔️  High-shine top-coat blends with factory paint

✔️  HydroGard™ for stain resistance and durability

Platinum Matte PPF

All the features of our Platinum PPF, in a standout flat finish that can transform glossy paint or blend with custom matte paint.

✔️  For a flat finish with added protection

✔️  Beads water, fights stains and self-heals

Classic Gloss and Matte PPF

Affordable, extensively road-tested, and made to help keep high-shine or flat finishes looking as pristine as possible for years.

✔️ Available in gloss or matte finish

✔️ Self-heals with sun or engine heat

Why Choose Carzspa for your Car’s Paint Protection Film Installation ?

Genuine Warranty

You get peace of mind through Garware Online Warranty Card which will be issued and sent to your email directly by the company after we provide the installation details. The warranty is applicable PAN India and you don’t need to worry anymore about counterfiet products.

Expertise & Experience

Our Studio has been in the business of Car Detailing & Paint Protection Film (PPF) for quite a time and have done 100’s of Premium Cars with PPF. We have a team of trained experts who have extensive knowledge and experience in car paint protection. They are skilled in the art of paint protection film installation, and they will ensure that the film is installed flawlessly, providing maximum protection for your car.

Customized Solutions

We understand that every car is unique, and that’s why we offer customized solutions for each of our customers. Our team will work with you to determine the best type of PPF for your car’s needs and ensure that it is installed correctly.

High Quality PPF

We use high-quality paint protection films that are specifically designed to shield your car’s exterior from various hazards such as stone chips, scratches and road debris.


Protecting the paintwork on your New luxury car with Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a no-brainer, when you consider that –
  • PPF protects against stone chips, scratches and scuffs
  • PPF prevents swirl marks & dullness of paintwork
  • PPF adds to the value and premiumness of your car
  • PPF negates the need of expensive repainting
  • PPF reduces stress and gives you a peace of mind

Some of our Work

Unveiling the Shield: Llumar Paint Protection Film (PPF) - The Ultimate Guard for Your Car

Ever had that heart-sinking feeling when you notice a new scratch or chip on your beloved car? It’s like a mini heartbreak, isn’t it? Well, hold onto your seats because we’re about to introduce you to your car’s new best friend – the Llumar Paint Protection Film (PPF). This isn’t just any old shield; it’s like giving your car an invisible superhero cape that wards off scratches, dings, and UV rays. And hey, when it comes to installation, CarzSpa Noida is the place where magic happens. Let’s dive deep into why Llumar PPF is the talk of the town and how it leaves its competitors eating dust.

How Llumar PPF gives your Audi, mercedes, BMW and Porsche the best gloss and protection

Why Llumar PPF Knocks Others Off Their Perch


  • The Battle of the Brands: Llumar vs. 3M PPF Ah, the age-old debate. While 3M PPF has been a heavyweight in the ring, Llumar PPF comes swinging with superior clarity and durability. It’s like comparing a seasoned boxer with an agile, young fighter who’s got new tricks up their sleeve. Llumar’s advanced technology ensures that your car’s paint doesn’t just survive; it thrives.

  • The Showdown: Llumar vs. Xpel PPF Xpel PPF has been another contender with a strong following. However, Llumar PPF steals the spotlight with its exceptional stain resistance and self-healing properties. Imagine a scratch on your car healing itself under the sun. It’s not magic; it’s Llumar technology.

  • Why Llumar PPF is the Nemesis of Cheap Quality PPF In the world of paint protection films, you get what you pay for. Cheap PPFs are like those flimsy umbrellas that turn inside out at the first gust of wind. Llumar PPF, on the other hand, is the sturdy, reliable umbrella that keeps you dry during the storm. Its durability, clarity, and warranty outshine the cheaper alternatives, making it a wise investment for your vehicle.

Why CarzSpa Noida is Your Go-To Llumar Authorized Fitment Centre

Choosing where to get your Llumar PPF installed is as crucial as choosing the film itself. Here’s why CarzSpa Noida is the place to be:

  • Expertise and Precision: The technicians at CarzSpa Noida are like the Michelangelos of the PPF world. They apply Llumar PPF with such precision and care, ensuring every nook and cranny of your vehicle is protected.

  • Customization Galore: One size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to PPF. CarzSpa Noida offers customized solutions that fit your vehicle like a glove, ensuring maximum protection and aesthetics.

  • Warranty and Aftercare: With CarzSpa Noida, you’re not just getting a PPF installation. You’re signing up for a long-term relationship with your car’s wellbeing. Their aftercare service and warranty on the Llumar PPF are top-notch.

FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About Llumar PPF

  • What makes Llumar PPF different from other PPFs? Llumar PPF shines with its superior durability, clarity, and self-healing properties. It’s like giving your car an invisible, protective suit of armor.

  • How long does Llumar PPF last? With proper care, Llumar PPF can keep your car looking pristine for years. It’s a long-term relationship, not a summer fling.

  • Can Llumar PPF be removed? Absolutely! It’s designed to be removable by professionals without damaging your car’s paint. It’s like breaking up but staying friends.

  • Is it worth getting PPF from CarzSpa Noida? Without a doubt. It’s like choosing a five-star hotel for your car. The quality of service, expertise, and the peace of mind you get is unparalleled.


Let’s face it; your car deserves the best. And when it comes to protection, Llumar Paint Protection Film (PPF) stands in a league of its own. It’s not just about keeping your car looking good; it’s about preserving its value and your peace of mind. And with CarzSpa Noida, you’re not just getting a service; you’re getting a guardian for your car. So, why settle for less when you can have the best? Give your car the protection it deserves and let it shine like the star it is. After all, in the battle against scratches, dings, and the elements, Llumar PPF is your car’s best defense.

At CarzSpa car detailing studio, we are a team of auto enthusiasts who are dedicated towards high-end detailing. With our product development, expert training and 90+ car detailing studios we have spearheaded the car paint protection services industry in India. We take great pride in saying that we are driven by value – CarzSpa paint protection means great services at a great price!

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