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Upgrade your car’s comfort and safety with Aegis Window Films, the ultimate solution to harmful UV rays and unwanted glare. This premium range of films provides high heat rejection, ensuring your car stays cool and cosy inside even in the scorching summers.


Drive safely without worrying about any glare on the road, as the Aegis Window Films provides a clear view of the surroundings while preventing glare from the sun or other bright lights. As the visibility isn’t compromised, you’re more confident on the road.


Ceramic CX70

Ceramic Window Film

Keeping you cool inside, every day, on every drive!

VLT 70%
IRR 90%
UVR 99%
TSER 50%
Durability 10 Years

Carbon K70

Carbon Window Film

Drive around in style & comfort, everywhere you go!

VLT 73%
IRR 40%
UVR 99%
TSER 35%
Durability 5 Years

Carbon K70

Ceramic Window Film

Aegis K70 is a premium-grade carbon window film that offers exceptional heat reduction & UV protection. The matte finish gives your window a stylish look, no signal interference & saves energy. It adds a sense of sophistication to your vehicle, making it the perfect choice for those looking to enhance both style & functionality.

Ceramic CX70

Ceramic Window Film

Aegis CX70 is a highly advanced ceramic window film that rejects heat, making it the perfect solution for keeping the cabin cool even on the hottest & sunniest of  days. It provides superior comfort, reduces glare, & blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays. With its exceptional durability & performance, it’s the ultimate choice to enhance your driving experience & protect your car’s interior from sun damage. 

AIR 80

Llumar AIR 80

Ultra High Performance Nano Ceramic Window Film

Visible Light Transmission 77%
Infra Red Heat Rejected 95%
UV Rejected 99%
TSER 43%
Durability 10 Years


Llumar OPAL 70

Colour Stable Consistent Performance

Visible Light Transmission 70%
Infra Red Heat Rejected 60%
UV Rejected 99%
TSER 27%
Durability 5 Years

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Beat the Heat: The Ultimate Guide to Sun Control Film for Your Car


Introduction: Stay Cool and Cruise in Comfort

Summertime driving can feel like you’re cruising in a mobile sauna. But fear not! With the right sun control film for your car, you can beat the heat and protect your ride’s interior. Whether you’re considering Garware sun control films, Llumar options, or 3M sun control film, CarzSpa has got your back. Let’s dive into why upgrading your car with the right window film is a game-changer for those scorching summer days.

Why Sun Control Film? Unveiling the Benefits

  • Beat the Heat: The primary role of sun control film is to reduce heat build-up in your car, making your summer drives much more bearable.
  • Fade Resistance: Protect your car’s interior from the sun’s damaging UV rays that can fade upholstery and dashboards.
  • Privacy and Security: Window films offer an added layer of privacy, keeping prying eyes away from your valuables.
  • Energy Efficiency: Less heat means less air conditioning, which can lead to improved fuel efficiency.

Top Picks: Finding Your Perfect Match

1. Garware Sun Control Films

  • Why Go Garware? Known for their quality and durability, Garware films are a solid choice for drivers seeking reliable sun protection.

2. Llumar Sun Control Films

  • Llumar’s Legacy: With a reputation for cutting-edge technology, Llumar films offer top-notch heat rejection and clarity.

3. 3M Sun Control Film for Cars

  • 3M Magic: Opt for 3M for a blend of performance and aesthetics, ensuring your car looks as cool as it feels.

Installation: Leave it to the Pros

While DIY kits might tempt you, professional installation ensures your sun control film is applied seamlessly and lasts longer. Plus, experts at CarzSpa can help you navigate the rules, ensuring your tint meets local RTO-approved standards.

FAQs: Your Questions, Answered

Q: How long does sun control film last? A: With proper care, high-quality films like Garware, Llumar, and 3M can last for several years, providing enduring protection and comfort.

Q: Is automotive window tint legal? A: Yes, but it must comply with local regulations. CarzSpa offers RTO-approved sun control film options to keep you on the right side of the law.

Q: Can I see out of my windows clearly with sun control film? A: Absolutely! The best sun control films reduce heat and UV exposure without sacrificing visibility.

Q: How do I maintain my window film? A: Simple! Just clean your windows with a soft, non-abrasive cloth and a mild detergent. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives to keep your film looking new.

Conclusion: Embrace the Cool Factor with CarzSpa

Don’t let the summer sun put a damper on your driving experience. Whether you opt for Garware, Llumar, or 3M sun control film, CarzSpa has the expertise and options to keep your car cool and comfortable. Remember, a cooler car isn’t just about comfort—it’s about protecting your investment and enjoying your rides, no matter the temperature outside. So go ahead, treat your car to some sun control film and turn those hot drives into cool cruises!

Keep Your Car Cool and Comfortable with Aegis Sun Control Film

Introducing the Ultimate Solution for Your Car’s Comfort and Protection

Are you tired of stepping into a car that feels like an oven? Do you wish to enhance your driving experience while ensuring your car’s interior is protected from harmful UV rays? Our top-notch Car Sun Control Film is your perfect solution, designed to address all your concerns with innovative technology and exceptional quality.

Discover the Unmatched Benefits of Our Sun Control Film

Our car window tint, featuring advanced materials like the “3m sun control window film” and “llumar sun film,” is engineered to provide superior protection against the sun’s heat and damaging rays. With options like “garware ice cool shield for car” and “llumar opal 70,” you can enjoy a significant reduction in interior temperature, ensuring your drives are always cool and comfortable.

The “3m infrared window film” and “50 visibility car film” ensure that while you’re protecting your vehicle, you maintain optimal visibility and comply with legal standards. Furthermore, our “heat proof window film” and “car window tint heat reduction” features are specifically designed to keep your car’s interior cool, even on the hottest days.

Experience the Best with Our Exclusive Features and Social Proof

Our range of products, including the sought-after “llumar air 80 price india” and “garware sun control film online purchase,” offers unparalleled quality and efficiency in sun protection. The “best window tint to keep car cool” and “ice cool film for car” are just a few examples of our commitment to providing you the best solutions available.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our satisfied customer, Ankit Sharma, had to say:

“Living in a hot climate, I struggled to keep my car cool, which was not only uncomfortable but also damaging to the interior. After installing your car sun control film, I noticed an immediate difference. My car is now significantly cooler, even on the hottest days, making my driving experience much more pleasant. I’m impressed with the quality and effectiveness of your product!”

Make the Smart Choice for Your Car Today

Ready to transform your driving experience and protect your car’s interior? Visit us to explore our range of “car film near me” and “window tinting near me” options. Whether you’re looking for “sun protection glass for cars,” “heat resistant window tint car,” or “car window tinted film,” we have the perfect solution for you.

Enjoy competitive “car tint cost” and benefit from our expertise in “sun protection film” and “window film for heat protection.” With products like “saint gobain sun control film for car” and “garware icecool shield,” you’re choosing the best for your vehicle.

Don’t wait any longer. Enhance your driving comfort and protect your car’s interior with our industry-leading Car Sun Control Film. Contact us today to find out more and make your purchase. Keep your car cool, comfortable, and protected, no matter the weather outside!

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